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The ABCs of Donor Advised Funds

The CCUSA Donor Advised Fund is a dedicated charitable account that offers a simple, flexible and tax-efficient way to support your favorite charities. Your donation will be professionally invested and managed per the Catholic values screen established in the investment guidelines of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.   

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The process

An initial investment of $1,500 (lower than most DAFs) lets you design the investment strategy to manage your philanthropy and tithing. Currently, have a Donor Advised Fund but prefer to invest in a way that meets Catholic values? We can work with you to transfer the funds.

Tax benefits

Your CCUSA Donor Advised Fund has the potential to grow tax-free and generate even more money for the causes you care about in a socially responsible way.

Other advantages

Simplified record keeping, with only one tax form, regardless of the number of contributions or grants recommended. Name successor grantors to involve your loved ones in your legacy of charitable giving.


With the DAF, we are confident in our ability to make charitable donations in the future.

Laura and Rob, DAF owners
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Anthony Sciacca is executive vice president and chief development officer and works on CCUSA Donor Advised Funds.

Questions? Contact us.

Anthony Sciacca
Executive Vice President & Chief Development Officer
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How a Donor Advised Fund works

We make it easy for you to open a DAF and begin to support your favorite charities, including CCUSA. Our DAF FAQ document spells it all out.

Contribute cash, appreciated assets or investments, including publicly traded securities.

Invest in one or more of our investment pools and watch your charitable checkbook grow.

Recommend grants to the qualified 501(c)(3) nonprofit charities of your choice.

The Impact

Your gift to Catholic Charities USA is more than a one-time donation. The impact of your generosity and support of the Catholic Charities mission will long be felt.


Permanent housing units for families, seniors, veterans and others


Kids’ meals provided at childcare, after school and via summer lunch 


Disaster aid distributed

Your support funds work like this…

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Ready to open a CCUSA Donor Advised Fund?  

From that first call or email to ensuring you receive your tax-deductible receipt, we will make the process make sense to you. 

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