Help vulnerable people reach their full potential.

The Challenge

To help clients — especially those living in poverty and other vulnerable persons — reach their full potential, Catholic Charities agencies provide community and parish-based foundational services using a holistic approach of integral human development. Person- and family-centered services build on individual strengths and respond to evolving life needs. 


Discovering talent, nurturing scholars

Meet Jandel, who connected with the violin and turned his behavior and attendance issues around. “It’s not just a subject. It’s music.” See how the community schools model is changing lives.


Unexpectedly expecting

Women or girls in need — short on money or education, pregnant or parenting, possibly alone and scared — often go for assistance to a Catholic Charities agency.

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The Response

Children, families and adults may benefit from longstanding services offered by agencies throughout the network, including:  

Early childhood education, foster care, mentoring

Pregnancy and parenting support, maternity care, adoption, housing

Aging services, advocacy, case management, day programs, housing, caregiver support

Educational support, day programs, companion programs, supportive housing and employment, caregiver support

Reentry programs, mentoring, employment services, housing, health and substance abuse services, family reunification


The power of a ‘support circle’ to change a life

Elizabeth once lived “30 minutes at a time … permanently in survival mode.”
Through the Support Circles Program of Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Raleigh,
she found housing, a job and security for herself and her special-needs son.

The Impact

Catholic Charities services uplift, support and empower our neighbors in need while focusing on the social determinants of health and well-being. 


Kids in Head Start 


Clients assisted with foster care services 


Clients receiving family-strengthening services


Every two years, after a new Congress is seated, CCUSA’s Social Policy Team crafts legislative priorities and recommendations based on the ongoing efforts of the Catholic Charities network of agencies and the needs of the vulnerable populations Catholic Charities serves. 


They show me a lot of things that I didn’t know … and could do better. Nobody cares about us like that anywhere.

Jennifer, a new mother in recovery who is living in supportive housing with her infant son


Marlesia Neloms Foreman, M.S.W.

Marlesia is the senior director of children, youth and family strategies. She elevates foundational services best practices and sustainable models for the Catholic Charities network relating to children, youth and families with a goal of strengthening families.

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