CCUSA Advocacy and Social Policy team advocates for policies that uphold human dignity and promote integral human development. Informed by the experience of local Catholic Charities agencies, we urge policy makers to see the faces of those in need in their communities and to create policies which assist and support them.

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Recent Letters & Statements

Catholic Charities USA Applauds the Supreme Court’s Decision to Allow DACA to Continue

Catholic Charities USA (CCUSA) applauds the Supreme Court’s decision that allows the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program to continue. While this is a positive step based on procedural concerns, it nonetheless reflects a fundamental humanitarian sensitivity to the plight of these young women and men who know no other home than our country.  …

Why We Do It

Catholic Charities upholds the dignity of every human person

Pope Francis says, "the just ordering of society and of the state is a central responsibility of politics." Our Catholic faith calls us to serve the most vulnerable and to advocate for justice in social structures. CCUSA and the entire Catholic Charities ministry has a responsibility to advocate for just policy positions and to share our experience of serving those in need.

“The Church cannot and must not take upon herself the political battle to bring about the most just society possible. She cannot and must not replace the State. Yet at the same time she cannot and must not remain on the sidelines in the fight for justice. She has to play her part…”


How the Pandemic Affects Our Senior Population

Catholic Social Services (CSS) serves two populations of people, the working-poor and vulnerable seniors. We help working-poor families stabilize and become self-sufficient through case management, mental healthcare, and emergency assistance. We help low-income seniors age with grace and independence through supportive services and community-impact opportunities. Through the Supportive Services program, CSS removes barriers for low-income …

US Bishops release children’s book reflecting on the reality of racism

The USCCB ad hoc Committee Against Racism teamed with the Department of Justice, Peace and Human Development and Loyola Press, to produce a children’s book perfect for the domestic church. Complete with free downloadable activities geared toward teaching reconciliation and the purpose of confession, the book was first released in December 2019. Everyone Belongs tells …

Catholic leaders decry prisoners’ exposure to COVID-19 during pandemic

A May 19 statement by 14 Catholic leaders, including five bishops, decried the danger people in prison are exposed to during the coronavirus pandemic. “Reports of lack of testing suggest measurements of the impact of the virus are incomplete. We are deeply concerned that experiencing COVID-19 from behind bars could, for some, mean a de …

If a brother or sister has nothing to wear and has no food for the day, and one of you says to them, ‘Go in peace, keep warm, and eat well,’ but you do not give them the necessities of the body, what good is it?

JAMES 2:15-16