Issue Brief on Poverty and Racism 2020

August 1, 2020

Poverty and racism continue to undermine our nation’s most basic promise of liberty and justice for all. Catholic Charities maintains the conviction that both are scandalous affronts to the Christian conscience and endanger the social peace and future prosperity of this nation.


This paper is an invitation to others, both in the Catholic Charities community and in our broader society, to join Catholic Charities USA in a bold effort to be more effective agents and allies in the ongoing struggle against every manifestation of racial injustice and bias. We offer this publication to assist us in advancing long overdue conversations and to prod us to take concerted action toward the healing of a ruptured common good.

We are convinced that without a conscious and proactive struggle against racism, our efforts to reduce the plague of poverty will be in vain. Any effective undertaking to reduce poverty must also confront the unresolved racism that continues to permeate our national life.

We must be agents of racial justice to uproot the scandal of poverty.

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These policy proposals outline key racial justice initiatives for which CCUSA’s Social Policy Team advocates. 

The message is clear and unequivocal: racism
and discrimination in all their forms cannot be tolerated.

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