A mother’s grit is a gift to her daughter

March 21, 2024
New mom Sarah stands in her nurse's scrubs with her arm around Chasity, adoption program director. They're smiling and look proud and happy.

When Sarah came to the Pregnancy Health Center (PHC) in 2021, her life looked much different than it is now. She was dealing with multiple challenges while anticipating the arrival of her little girl. She enrolled in our Earn While You Learn classes and began learning about labor and delivery, self-care and parenting.

Sarah invested the time and energy needed to grow as a mother. It was evident she wanted to do everything she could to make sure her daughter had a good life and an amazing mother as a role model. One of her greatest assets is that she shared her struggles and allowed our staff to help fill in the gaps when she felt overwhelmed while determining her career path and caring for her sweet daughter. We were able to support her when quitting school felt like the only alternative and helped her focus on the future instead of the urgency she was experiencing in the moment. We listened and provided a safe place where she didn’t have to carry her burdens alone. We shared resources for housing and childcare, resources that have continued to set her up for success.

Sarah came by the PHC recently to say hello and to get diapers and other necessities for her daughter. I gasped when she walked in dressed in her scrubs and lab coat. Sarah DID NOT QUIT and is finishing up clinicals – soon, she will be a nurse!

We are so incredibly proud of Sarah and her determination and grit to be better for her daughter. She is an inspiration to our staff, and whether she realizes it or not, her success is an incredible blessing for us to witness.

It is a gift to be on the front lines with these mothers and families, watching the transformation and growth that occurs. We are thankful to everyone who walks with moms like Sarah to ensure that they have what they need to succeed.

Courtesy of Chasity Gaylon, Adoption Program manager, Catholic Charities of Eastern Tennessee

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