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Catholic Charities USA (CCUSA), a member of Caritas Internationalis, is the national office for the Catholic Charities ministry nationwide. CCUSA’s members provide help and create hope to more than 10 million people a year regardless of religious, social, or economic backgrounds.

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Charities USA Winter 2019

The Catholic Charities ministry has provided help to unaccompanied children for more than 100 years. Read about the experiences of agencies that have been working to reunite unaccompanied children with their families.

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Ubi Caritas Deus Ibi Est

With the spate of hurricanes that hit the U.S. mainland and its territories in the fall of 2017, disaster relief was urgent and widespread. Many people focused their efforts in their local communities, and rightly so. Residents, charitable organizations like Catholic Charities, and government offices – already embedded in neighborhoods – became good Samaritans to …