Friends and a New Life

March 9, 2023
Photo of stairs leading to a doorway


Catholic Charities of Long Island, New York

After a divorce, Leonard rented a subpar “temporary” upstairs room. A diabetic, he developed infections that led to the amputations of his lower right leg and left toes. Navigating the stairs was difficult. After three years, he was still on waiting lists for other apartments. 

He ended up in a nursing home. One day, a Catholic Charities staffer visited another client and met Leonard. A one-bedroom apartment was available in the Thea Bowman residence in Amityville, the first-of-its-kind community on Long Island for persons with physical disabilities. Leonard was able to move in right away.

His bathroom is accessible, he has an aide and transportation, and he receives food from Long Island Cares monthly. Leonard now plays games every evening with neighbors and attends building parties and activities. It’s been two years, and he’s very happy. 

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