Once Lost, Now Found – Overcoming Mental Illness Through Wrap-Around Services

“Life is worth living.”

Alan can say that with a smile on his face now, a year after conquering schizophrenia and homelessness thanks to St. Joseph House of Hospitality.

In February 2011, Alan, a Navy veteran, was looking for a place to start his new life after being discharged from a VA mental health institution. He had lost everything – his car, his home, his job, and his marriage.

St. Joseph’s offered him an apartment and three meals a day, but more importantly, supportive counseling and guidance to help maintain healthy habits and progress in his recovery from mental illness.

Initially, he kept to himself, but as he became more comfortable and felt like his old self again, he began to make friends with the other occupants and became a key member of the community.

“I thought I was lost” until St. Joseph’s stepped in, says Alan, “how can I ever repay you?”

He is now looking for an apartment of his own and living self-sufficiently to rebuild what was lost and work towards a ever-brighter tomorrow.

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