He was a Crack Addict Living in a Tent. Now, He’s a Mentor Who Helps Break Addiction

Jason was a crack addict. He had nowhere to call home and didn’t think anyone could ever love him. Through Catholic Charities, everything changed.

He had been in and out of jail and sacrificing relationships and resources to fuel a growing drug habit. He lost his job, apartment, and self-respect when he was referred to a Catholic Charities-run recovery program.

The structure of the program, and meeting others who had broken the same addictions he faced, helped him get his life back on track. His case manager helped him set goals of ending his dependence on drugs, finding a part-time job, and obtaining his GED – and then achieve them!

Most meaningful to Jason was the supportive housing that enabled him to pursue his goals without worrying about where he was going to sleep at night. In just a few months, he had gone from living in a tent, to living in a Catholic Charities apartment, to signing a lease on an apartment of his home.

Now, he feels empowered to continue his path of sobriety and find a full-time job that will give him room to grow. He hopes to serve as a mentor to others who feel unloved and trapped by their bad choices, knowing that if he can create a new future for himself with the help of Catholic Charities, so can many others.

Affordable Housing

Catholic Charities works to prevent homelessness by providing financial assistance and long-term support and strives to resolve issues that may lead to homelessness.

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