A job training social enterprise program

Handy Helpers Home Repair is a job training social enterprise program operated by Catholic Charities Diocese of Evansville.

Through 832 hours of supervised, paid, revenue-generating work and a 208-hour paid, customized case management plan, individuals with disjointed work histories gain work and life skills enabling them to acquire and maintain stable and self-sustaining employment.

Working to lessen the impact of intergenerational poverty, Handy Helpers prioritizes hiring individuals who are not actively engaged in the labor force and who are parents of children under the age of eighteen. These individuals may also have dysfunctional family, criminal, addiction, and/or poor educational backgrounds that prevent them from acquiring and retaining stable and self-sustaining employment.

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Social Enterprise Initiatives

CCUSA supports innovative programs to ensure people have the resources they need to reach self-sufficiency. Social enterprises – operated by local Catholic Charities agencies – are a dynamic alternative to the traditional job training model.

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