Wrapround services make a difference

April 27, 2016

At Catholic Charities of Tennessee (Nashville), we offer wraparound services because we have experienced that when a client arrives seeking to satisfy one need, another need – or two – often come to light as we sit and talk with the person.

For instance, a young lady with limited English was receiving prenatal services at the clinic next door to our agency. She had been abandoned by the baby’s father at the birth, and she wanted to return to work immediately. The clinic staff, however, said that they could not give her a release to work so soon after her child had been born.

The young lady, crying and shaking with fear, came next door to Catholic Charities. She was carrying her newborn in a carrier. The day was cold and rainy. She told us that she had received food from us once before and thought that maybe we could help.

After we spoke with her, we realized she was alone and worried about being able to eat and pay her bills during the time she was away from work. We were able to complete a SNAP application with her, and supply her with emergency food in the same visit. We were also able to offer emergency financial assistance and help her to contact the caseworkers at the Department of Human Services.

When she couldn’t get the release to work from the clinic she felt desperate and scared. When she left Catholic Charities, she had a plan, and she had resources to get her through the next few weeks until she could work again.

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