Catholic Charities helps long-ago convicted felon find job

August 21, 2015

“God was starting me on a new journey.” Thanks to Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Evansville, Tamika’s long-ago felony conviction was expunged and she obtained a full-time job that supported her family.

Before she came to Catholic Charities, it wouldn’t have been possible – after working a stable part-time job for 15 years, her company downsized, leaving her looking for new employment. However, a conviction for selling drugs in her early twenties prevented her from applying to many full-time positions, leaving her with no income or support to provide for her family.

The Neighbor to Neighbor program, a seven-week faith-based goal setting and financial literacy class, helped Tamika work towards an Associates’ Degree in Human Services and take steps to clear the felony from her record.

Throughout it all, she remained positive and never lost her faith that God had a plan in store for her and her family. Thanks to Catholic Charities and the Neighbor to Neighbor program, she’s now more able to discover and live out that plan than ever before.

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