Perseverance, patience build assets for ‘dream home’

August 21, 2015

A single mother living in the Atlanta suburbs used perseverance and patience to build her financial assets and eventually buy a home.

Shadabeh K. and her daughter Kiyana were living off of the minimum-wage earnings of her big-box retail job, and never had enough money in the bank to think beyond the present day’s needs.

Catholic Charities Atlanta enrolled her in an Individual Development Account (IDA), which matched the money she was able to save to accelerate her ability to become financially self-sufficient.

A case manager worked alongside her to set realistic goals and keep saving money even when short-term crises threatened her ability to build up her down payment.

After months of hard work and patience, Shadabeh and Kiyana moved into their “dream home;” Kiyana thrived at her new school and Shadabeh met a man at church who soon stole her heart and placed an engagement ring on her finger.

Now, Shadabeh is serving as a peer mentor for other women interested in signing up for an IDA and achieving their financial goals, whether it’s starting a small business or saving up for a down payment for a “dream home” of their very own.

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