School fears conquered through baseball games and friendship

August 25, 2015

Eighth-grader Jayla is looking forward to striving for the honor roll in high school next year. That wouldn’t have been the case two years ago.

She had spent the whole academic year acting out in the classroom and leaving assignments unfinished. A school therapist referred her to a Catholic Charities-run mentoring program, and Jayla met Jen over the summer.

Jen helped Jayla plan fun and educational activities, including exploring historic sites and volunteering at local service sites. They went to a Red Sox game, the local library and even a concert.

Through their shared activities, Jayla confided in Jen that her family was going through a difficult time, which was distracting her from being able to focus in school. Jen was there for support when her step-father passed away, and served as a resource when there were tough homework questions or Jayla just needed someone to spend time with.

Now Jayla is looking forward to succeeding in school and continuing her friendship with Jen for years to come.

“I feel like I can talk with Jen about anything,” she says with a smile.

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