Helping a mom beat substance abuse and build a brighter future

August 24, 2015

Kindra had suffered as a child and was determined not to let her own son experience poverty in the same way. It wasn’t easy, but she has won her battle with substance abuse and watched her son become an “A” student with her heart bursting with pride.

Growing up, Kindra was subjected to a lot of physical abuse, and turned to illegal substances to help cope with the pain. While she fought the impact of addiction, she had a son, and slowly began to build a life of her own.

But when a relapse struck, she lost everything. “I couldn’t figure out how everything had gotten so out of control,” she said. “What it took me seven years to build it took me seven months to lose.”

She and her son Raymond when to Catholic Charities to apply for emergency shelter, and found not only a temporary place to call home, but a place to help her focus on what she needed to get her life back on track – parenting classes, health care, savings plans, tutoring, and more.

Now, Raymond is thriving at school and he and Kindra have a permanent place to call home. She feels blessed to have received the housing assistance and support that her family needed to start anew.

“I can honestly say that coming to Catholic Charities was the best thing that could have ever happened,” she said.

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