Having faced violence, she’s looking toward a bright future

August 26, 2015

Thanks to Catholic Charities’ help and support, Esmerelda is working towards permanent legal status and has a full-time job that helps support her and her daughter. Most importantly, she feels safe once again.

Esmerelda had been living in a situation that was rapidly deteriorating. When she became a victim of domestic violence, she knew she had to leave. But because of her immigration paperwork was not in order, she didn’t feel comfortable going to the police.

After a meeting with a local women’s shelter, she was referred to a Catholic Charities program, which helped her find stability and security. The Crime Victims Program worked with her to meet basic needs while obtaining her work authorization and developing skills that helped her find an entry-level job.

Now, she’s been promoted to store manager, owns her own car and home, and is applying for permanent residency with her daughter to continue their path to a full, confident life free from fear and want.

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