Getting help and helping others

January 18, 2018

Reggie found himself homeless in an unlikely way. While working at a local hospital, he racked up some parking tickets. “I missed my court dates because I had to take care of my sick sister and couldn’t get off work.” After spending a night in jail, Reggie was let go from his job.

“I was living with my sister and her husband when I did something pretty foolish — I started gambling. I was in a pretty ugly state.” Reggie’s habit put some distance between him and his family, and he eventually found himself without money. He went to the VA for help since he was a Marine Corps veteran. The VA referred Reggie to St. Patrick Center.

“Being at St. Patrick Center and getting help from people who did not owe me anything made me feel empowered, and I realized I needed to work hard.” Reggie participated in our Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program and was quickly housed. Once he completed the program, he decided to go back to school, where he received his Bachelor’s degree in Information Science and Computer Studies.

Today, Reggie is a member of the St. Patrick Center team. He works as an Employment Specialist for the very veteran program that helped him in his time of need. “I think I’m a good fit here. I want to help others and get them housed.”

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