For those who served, a chance to set and achieve goals

August 24, 2015

Anthony had faced down a lot of challenges while serving in Iraq. But successfully finding a full-time job years after returning home is now one of his proudest accomplishments.

After returning from serving in the military, Anthony had faced a number of personal difficulties, and found himself living at St. Leo’s Residence for Veterans, run by Catholic Charities of Chicago.

His case manager saw Anthony’s potential and encouraged him to continue with his classes at a local college, helping him apply for financial assistance to cover his tuition and books.

After graduation from his program, Anthony was looking for full-time jobs, and received assistance on tailoring his resume for the available positions and showcasing his unique strengths. His case manager helped him re-write his cover letter and devise a strategy for applying, following up, and succeeding when asked for a follow-up interview. Throughout the whole process, Anthony later said, the most critical component of his time at St. Leo’s was the emotional support and encouragement of his case manager, who constantly reminded him of his potential to set goals and achieve his dreams.

Now, with a full-time job and an apartment of his own, Anthony has accomplished many of his goals – and has many more to look forward to.

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