Fleeing violence, they were welcomed and given a fresh start

August 25, 2015

In Iraq, Imad had been a physicist and professor. In America, he was forced to start with nothing. Catholic Charities helped him and his family get back on track.

After he helped with the reconstruction of Iraq, extremists forced Imad and his family to live in hiding. They lived in fear for three years and two months before their application for refugee status was accepted, and they moved to the United States.

With comprehensive support from Catholic Charities, Imad and his family are adjusting to a new life in a new country. The children are enrolled in public schools, and Imad arrives daily at the Migration and Refugee Services site for cultural adaptation classes and English classes, helping him to become self sufficient. They’re grateful for their new life in America and look forward to enriching their new community.

Imad looks back on his journey and is amazed how far they’ve come. “This program saves lives.”

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