A plea to save DACA

September 5, 2017

DACA has minimized some of the restrictions I had as an undocumented person.

Before DACA, I was not able to apply for jobs or pursue the opportunity to earn my driver’s license. Having graduated from San Diego State University with my Bachelor’s in Social Work, I can apply to different jobs that I am passionate about and that will allow me to exercise what I have learned throughout my educational career.

Being able to apply for jobs is not only something that benefits me, but also my family. I am able to help my family pay the bills for our home and provide for my younger siblings. I can’t imagine not having a job that I desire and not being able to help my family. It truly worries me what the future for DACA is and I hope that you consider the losses of taking DACA away from people who have found many opportunities with DACA.*

*Name withheld to protect privacy.

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