A house, and three lives, renewed

June 18, 2019

Part of a long-term recovery grant from Catholic Charities USA to Catholic Charities Diocese of Saint Petersburg (CCSP) made it possible for CCSP to provide restoration services to 65 households with Hurricane Irma damage. CCSP continues to assist those that would not otherwise be able to afford repairs to their home due to low or restricted income.

CCSP reported in April 2019 that it had assisted a single mother and her two children. The mother owned her own business, but she was having difficulty getting it off the ground because she had no room to work from home. The walls of the home were starting to mold and bow out, the flooring was becoming soft, and the children were not able to stay in their rooms because of damage to the walls and floor.

Volunteers repaired the home and provided upgrades. The children’s rooms were decorated to their liking, the kitchen was redone with new appliances, and the walls and flooring were repaired. The household would not have been able to afford repairs because of the single mother’s low income and lack of knowledge to fix items herself, but Catholic Charities made it possible.

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