Clean and sober, with support from St. Patrick Center

January 18, 2018

As a young student, Lloyd says he had problems paying attention, due in part to a hearing defect. He got into fights and was suspended. “I thought I knew it all, became rebellious and ran away from home.”

Lloyd ended up in Utah, where he became addicted to drugs. “My addiction caused me to lose jobs frequently and I was never steadily employed.” Returning to St. Louis, he became homeless.

Fortunately, Lloyd heard how St. Patrick Center (which is affiliated with Catholic Charities Archdiocese of St. Louis) could help and decided to check it out. He enrolled first in the Shamrock Club Day Treatment Program and later became interested in the Rosati housing programs. Lloyd acquired a steady support system, which helped him to get sober and realize his potential. “I attribute my renewed self-esteem and confidence to the love and family I found at St. Patrick Center.”

Lloyd has achieved 18 months clean and sober and maintains his own apartment. He speaks to students as part of St. Patrick Center’s “A Hand Up” homeless simulation program. Lloyd is setting his sights on going back to school and getting a degree in some aspect of counseling. “I want to give back to the community that offered so much to me.”

Recently – two years after he first approached the St. Patrick Center – Lloyd shared his story with guests at the center’s Irish Open Gala. We’re happy to report that Lloyd has achieved nearly four years clean and sober. He is working, likes paying bills and has great relationships with family and neighbors. The Frank Leta Charitable Foundation presented Lloyd with a Honda Civic to help him continue to succeed on his path of independence.

You can listen to Lloyd relate his own story

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