A birthday surprise: A new mentor

January 16, 2018

Teddy and Dan met on Teddy’s birthday.

Typically, our youth at the TIME for ME Mentoring Program at Catholic Charities get a cake on their birthday and this was no exception. This year turned out extra special for Teddy. He has been eagerly awaiting to turn nine so he may be mentor-eligible officially.

Not expecting to be matched on his birthday, Teddy happened to meet Dan, who is one of our food bank managers at Catholic Charities and is also trained as a mentor. He happened to stop by at our youth center the evening of Teddy’s party and they met one another.

They played a board game, and in the process they got to know one another. Since then, they have met several times and have decided to be matched. They look forward to the time they spend together. They plan their activities. And most importantly Teddy now has a mentor.


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