Combating Addiction And Recognizing “I Am a Child of God”

August 26, 2015

Janice came to Catholic Charities seeking a bed for the night, but her dependence on drugs and alcohol was preventing her from living a full life. Her case manager never gave up on helping her create a brighter future.

Starting with a temporary shelter, Janice began to develop a rapport with her Catholic Charities case manager and began to realize the impact of the bad choices she was making. She enrolled in AA meetings and began attending church frequently. Ever since she was a teenager, she had relied on drugs and alcohol to soothe her physical and emotional pain – now she saw the damage they were doing to her body and her relationships with her family and friends.

Her journey to getting life back on track continued when she received housing assistance that enable her to secure a permanent place to call home for the first time in years.

Now she’s able to hold down a full-time job, store money for a rainy day, and look forward to years free of the harms associated with her old habits. Catholic Charities helped me break the cycle of addiction, Janice says. “They helped me remember that I am a child of God.”

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