After car accident, journeying forward with help of Catholic Charities

August 26, 2015

Eugenia had three children with another on the way when her husband left the picture. Tough financial straits were exacerbated by a severe car crash, but Catholic Charities helped make sure their family was set to succeed.

When Eugenia was left on her own, Catholic Charities’ Family Self-Sufficiency program helped her pay the rent, cover basic needs and obtain a security deposit for an apartment better suited to their needs.

Days after her fourth child was born, the family was rocked by a severe car crash that left Eugenia temporarily unable to work. Catholic Charities helped ensure her monthly expenses were met, diapers and clothing were available, and there were even Christmas presents for the children.

After recovering, Catholic Charities helped Eugenia find a program to obtain her medical assistant certification and a full-time position. She is now building up her savings, improving her credit score and building up a down payment for purchasing a new home for her and her family.

Beyond simply making ends meet, Eugenia is dreaming of empowering her children to achieve their dreams. Thanks to Catholic Charities, a car crash couldn’t stop her from continuing her journey to self-sufficiency.

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