Whole Hearted: Participant Journal for Young Adults

August 4, 2022

Trauma-aware parishes can: demonstrate sensitivity to trauma’s impact on its members and their loved ones;  help parishioners recognize their experience of, and responses to, trauma; and provide restorative spiritual and professional resources in a variety of ways.    


Catholic Charities USA’s Whole Hearted is a parish-based trauma-awareness resource that integrates spirituality and religious practices with behavioral health. 

The Participant Journal for Young Adults – intended for ages 17 to 25 – includes age-appropriate questions for reflection and discussion; personal exercises, including guided imagery and prayer exercises; and spiritual practices. The suggested four sessions introduce young participants to the dynamics of recognition, renewal and restoration.  

Whole Hearted is meant to provide basic and helpful trauma awareness. It is not clinical or professional therapy. 

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Whole Hearted Series

The Whole Hearted series integrates spirituality and religious practices with behavioral health. It informs participants of trauma’s impact and how one might begin to move forward from it, both mentally and spiritually.

How might we move forward with all that our hearts have experienced, including the blessings, holes, scars and old ways that need to be adjusted or let go?

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