CCUSA appreciates the bipartisan efforts in latest COVID relief bill

CCUSA remains concerned on the long-term impact of the pandemic on the most vulnerable

Alexandria, Va. – Catholic Charities USA (CCUSA) appreciates the bipartisan efforts to pass another round of COVID relief and an end of the year funding bill to bring immediate assistance to people and communities in need. However, our concern remains on the long-term impact of the COVID pandemic on individuals and families who are particularly vulnerable.

“This bill is a temporary reprieve, a short-term lifeline that is a step in the right direction,” said Sister Donna Markham, OP, PhD, president and CEO of CCUSA. “However, what people need is long-term stability. As we have been saying since March, the ability for nonprofits such as Catholic Charities to provide the most basic of needs to the staggering number of individuals and families is not sustainable without federal assistance. We will be calling on Congress to return to work in January to provide lasting support to those who are sick, unemployed, hungry, threatened with eviction and suffer other consequences from this horrible pandemic.”

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CCUSA's Advocacy and Social Policy team advocates for policies that uphold human dignity and promote integral human development. Informed by the experience of local Catholic Charities agencies, the team urges policy makers to encounter the needy and vulnerable in their communities and to create policies which assist and support them.

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Patricia Cole, Vice President of External Relations


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