Catholic Charities agencies engage with schools

Alexandria, Va. (April 22, 2021) – The latest issue of Charities USA focuses on how Catholic Charities agencies engage with Catholic schools.

You will learn ways Catholic Charities agencies interact with students: by providing mental health/counseling services and offering service projects that help the community.

For example:

  • The School Mental Health Program at Catholic Charities Omaha that helped a young student deal with thoughts of suicide;
  • And the Miracle Projects program of Catholic Charities Community Services in Phoenix, Ariz., through which a student raised money to support affordable housing.

As Allison Cavazos, associate director of parish relations at Catholic Charities Central Texas, said in her article, “Our young people offer unique talents and perspectives, and they are ready to change the world for the better.”

The stories in this issue remind us that the service of charity will continue if we have succeeding generations of people who are happy and healthy, and who know and practice their faith, which Jesus said consists in this: Love of God and love of neighbor.

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Patricia Cole, Vice President of External Relations


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