CCUSA is launching its second Innovation Challenge
with $2.5 million in total awards.

CCUSA’s Innovation Challenge encourages member agencies to explore innovative service-delivery solutions in Workforce Development that have the potential to alleviate, reduce or eliminate poverty.

Details of Catholic Charities USA’s Innovation Challenge

Our Impact

Innovative programs from the Catholic Charities network set the standard for delivering social services that promote integral human development and alleviate poverty for vulnerable people across the nation. The latest Innovation Challenge encourages Catholic Charity staff and agencies to continue that visionary work.

$36.5 million

annual revenue generated
from client-led social enterprises


social enterprises currently
operated by local agencies

Programs should foster the human, financial and social capital for individuals, families and communities to reach their full potential.

Explore a variety of materials, FAQs, and members-only discussion boards to inspire and guide your Innovation Challenge submission.

Discover how past winners have embraced the Innovation Challenge and fostered programs that improve their communities.