CCUSA opposes the interim final rule on Asylum Eligibility and Procedures.

CCUSA issued comments today opposing the final interim rule on Asylum Eligibility and Procedures.  It attempts to deny asylum as a form of immigration relief for migrants.  The rule’s legal & policy ramifications will negatively affect due process rights, likely lead to increased human smuggling, and place a tremendous burden on regional countries with insufficient resources to address the humanitarian crisis. Our Catholic heritage includes a scriptural call to provide hospitality to newcomers as if welcoming Christ Himself. The Catholic Church, like our nation as a whole, finds its identity and roots in various immigrant communities. We affirm the inherent dignity bestowed by God on every human person, including immigrants and refugees, no matter the circumstances that compel a person to begin a new life in our community. Read full comments here.

Advocacy & Social Policy Initiatives

CCUSA's Advocacy and Social Policy team advocates for policies that uphold human dignity and promote integral human development. Informed by the experience of local Catholic Charities agencies, the team urges policy makers to encounter the needy and vulnerable in their communities and to create policies which assist and support them.

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