CCUSA letter on FY2024 DHS appropriations

May 18, 2023

Catholic Charities USA wrote to Congressional leaders this week to request increased funding in the Fiscal Year 2024 budget for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) programs and operations that address the needs of vulnerable populations, including disaster-stricken communities, persons impacted by homelessness, survivors of human trafficking, asylum seekers, and migrants. DHS plays a crucial role in addressing the concerns of these individuals and their families by providing support, resources, and expertise to respond to emergencies, protect our borders, and ensure the safety and security of our communities. Increased funding will better equip the agency to confront these challenges effectively.

Having more than 110 years of social service ministry experience, Catholic Charities agencies are frequently the first entities the federal government comes to for assistance with welcoming newcomers into this country, serving the homeless, and managing disaster response. We do this work in fulfillment of our commitment to serve people in need and in obedience to the Gospel mandate to welcome the stranger and care for the poor. Catholic Charities staff and volunteers served over 15 million people in 2021, and we remain deeply committed to continuing these ministries.

Read the full letter.

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