Catholic Charities distribute nearly $400 million in emergency aid during COVID-19

August 3, 2020
Catholic Charities USA Logo on a purple background.

Catholic Charities agencies distributed nearly $400 million in emergency COVID-19 assistance to people across the United States and the U.S. Territories during the past four months.  Emergency help consists primarily of food, rental assistance, personal protective equipment, baby supplies and emergency quarantine housing.  Sister Donna Markham, President & CEO of Catholic Charities USA, said “the generosity of corporate donors, foundations, and individuals has been overwhelming.”

Additionally, the $100-$200 million in Payroll Protection Program loans has enabled Catholic Charities to retain employees to provide urgent help in midst of the pandemic.  “I remain edified by so many Catholic Charities staff and volunteers who work tirelessly on the front lines—often at great personal risk—to maintain the distribution of critical supplies,” said Sister Donna.  “They are truly the embodiment of the Good Samaritan.”

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