CCUSA opposes administration’s proposed changes to U.S. asylum rule

June 15, 2020

Catholic Charities USA (CCUSA) strongly opposes the Administration’s proposed asylum rule, released today, that would impose tremendous obstacles on migrants seeking safety and protection in the U.S. The proposed changes would make the legal pursuit of asylum unacceptably narrow. Our major concerns include: broadening the discretionary reasons to deny an asylum claim, redefining a “particular social group” and potentially limiting due process. Catholic Charities has 110 years of experience serving immigrants, migrants and refugees, and showing that our nation can be both secure and compassionate in responding to our vulnerable brothers and sisters. The proposed rule fails to protect human dignity.

“As a nation, we must welcome and care for those in need including immigrants with no other option but to flee dangerous and deadly homelands. Our country’s current approach to immigration is inhumane and unconscionable,” said Sister Donna Markham, president and CEO of CCUSA. Catholic Charities USA and the entire Catholic Charities ministry continues to stand ready to serve migrants coming to our country.

Read the full statement.

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