CCUSA offers prayers for those devastated by floods and wildfires

August 19, 2016
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Alexandria, Va. – Catholic Charities USA (CCUSA), the official domestic relief agency of the US Catholic Church, calls on all people of goodwill to stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in California and the Gulf coast affected by the devastating flooding and horrific wildfires that have uprooted their communities.

“First and foremost, we offer our prayers for swift recovery to everyone affected by these tragedies,” said Sister Donna Markham OP, PhD, CCUSA President & CEO. “We also encourage others across the country to lift up prayers and offer support, unifying behind our shared resolve to help our neighbors whose lives are forever changed.  We, along with Catholic Charities agencies entrenched in communities nationwide, stand ready to provide much-needed support and assistance to those in need.”

Over the last decade, CCUSA has ensured the delivery of compassionate care and support to millions of individuals affected by disasters as our agencies provide essential support before, during and after disasters hit; in fact, long-term recovery is an integral part of Catholic Charities’ holistic approach. Whether it’s wildfires on the West coast, flooding on the Gulf coast, tornadoes in the Midwest or one of the countless other disaster situations facing communities across the country, Catholic Charities works tirelessly to ensure individuals can live their lives with the dignity we all deserve.

For more information or to donate to help CCUSA support its agencies’ service for the poor and vulnerable, particularly those affected by disaster please visit

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