Our mission is to create hope for those in need by promoting self-sufficiency, strengthening families, fighting poverty and building community. As the local 501(c)3 affiliate of Catholic Charities USA, we remain dedicated to finding solutions to some of the most pressing social challenges individuals, children and families face regardless of race, religion, country of origin, disabilities, age or sexual orientation.


  1. Basic needs services
  2. Case management services
  3. Community services
  4. Education and enrichment services
  5. Employment services
  6. Food distribution services
  7. Housing Services
  8. Information and/or referrals
  9. Migrant services
  10. Parish social ministry services
  11. PSH and rapid-rehousing services
  12. Senior Services
  13. Services to at-risk populations
  14. Services to those affected by incarceration
  15. Shelter and transitional housing services
  16. Youth services


2010 Bridge Blvd SW
Albuquerque, NM 87105