From airport pick-up to U.S. citizenship, CCC helps refugees and asylees arriving in the U.S. to build a strong foundation for long-term stability and success by providing wrap-around services.

The VISTA will enhance CCC’s ability to guide newcomers in their journey of leading prosperous lives. The VISTA will develop and maintain a Community Sponsorship program to increase the number of refugee families receiving supplemental resettlement support through private sponsorship. The VISTA will develop and administer evaluation and feedback mechanisms to stakeholders (clients, staff and community) in the form of surveys, polls, focus groups and social events. The Vista will improve the quality of refugee services and events through professionalizing volunteer and donation management, with a focus on motivating previously resettled refugees to participate and contribute to the present resettlement services. The member will conduct regular outreach and attend community events to explore sources of volunteers and donations, then design volunteer opportunities to bring to the community and utilize CCC online systems and technology to track and monitor incoming donations.

This VISTA position is a part of Catholic Charities USA’s Family Strengthening Program, a national intermediary project. As a member, you will meet virtually with VISTA Leaders and other VISTAs serving throughout the country, all focused on alleviating poverty.

Job Title
Refugee and Immigration VISTA – Richmond
Commonwealth Catholic Charities, Richmond
Richmond, VA
Posted On
May 9, 2024