Lead initiatives to boost community involvement and volunteer impact. Enhance organizational capacity and establish sustainable systems to address poverty and building resilient communities.

Engage stakeholders to identify capacity-building needs. Customize outreach plans, using existing networks to recruit diverse volunteers. Increase capacity to attract more volunteers and donors for sustainability. Measure stakeholder engagement and assess satisfaction. Organize community gatherings to showcase services in disadvantaged areas. Partner with local entities for donation drives. Identify partners for in-kind donations. Establish metrics and evaluation tools to assess the impact of community engagement. Research grants aligned with program needs. Develop outreach for refugee families and volunteer recruitment. Establish partnerships for mentorship and cultural events. Create outreach materials and enhance recruitment. Improve volunteer training. Promote volunteerism through outreach, recognition, and storytelling. Research and identify potential grant opportunities.

This VISTA position is a part of Catholic Charities USA’s Family Strengthening Program, a national intermediary project. As a member, you will meet virtually with VISTA Leaders and other VISTAs serving throughout the country, all focused on alleviating poverty.

Job Title
Community Engagement and Volunteer VISTA
Catholic Charities Diocese of Charlotte
Charlotte, NC
Posted On
May 9, 2024