Full time: 40 hours
Starting Salary: $57,660
**REQUIRED: Masters Degree in Social Work or Counseling & Bilingual in English and one other language spoken by clients required: Dari, Pashtu, Arabic, Amharic

Position Description:
The Refugee Mental Health Education and Outreach Coordinator of the Catholic Charities Diocese of Arlington (CCDA), Migration and Refugee Services (MRS), assists refugees with mental health needs and behavior health related education under the Refugee Health Education and Outreach Program (RHEO). Refugee Mental Health Education and Outreach Coordinator will collaborate with the refugee services team, including case managers, health liaison, program managers, and other relevant staff members to develop and implement intervention plans tailored to metal health needs of refugees. 1 day of hybrid after first 90 days

Position Responsibilities:
• Coordinates and collaborates with the refugee services team to develop and implement intervention plans tailored to metal health needs of refugees.
• Assist in the planning, organization logistics, and delivery of workshops and training sessions designed to address the unique challenges faced by refugees.
• Support workshop participants by providing individualized guidance, addressing questions, and connecting them with appropriate resources or follow-up services as needed.
• Maintain accurate documentation
• Participate in case conferences and team meetings to discuss crisis situations, share information, and develop integrated plans of action.
• Provide immediate support and intervention to clients facing crisis situations, including those experiencing mental health crises, domestic violence, or other high-risk circumstances.
• During business hours, assess the severity and urgency of crisis situations and take appropriate actions.
• Available to accompany case manager to client home visits as needed
• Follow up with clients to ensure successful implementation of intervention plans and provide support as needed.
• Collaborate with relevant stakeholders to ensure the availability of necessary resources.
• Conduct assessments to understand needs and vulnerabilities of refugees from different cultural background.
• Maintain open lines of communication with external agencies, community organizations, and emergency service providers to facilitate timely referrals and access to support services.
• Prepare reports on mental health workshops, crisis response activities, including statistical data, case summaries, and program outcomes, as required by funding sources or organizational policies.
• Contribute to program evaluation and quality improvement efforts by providing insights, feedback, and recommendations based on crisis response experiences.
• Reflect the mission and the goals of Catholic Charities

Qualifications & Skills:
• Excellent oral and written communication skills in English.
• Bilingual in English and one other language spoken by clients required: Dari, Pashtu, Arabic, Amharic
• 2 years’ experience in child welfare, domestic violence, family therapy, trauma informed therapy, and social service provision
• Informed of the social services policies and practices in all counties and localities where clients are resettling.
• Flexible to work irregular hours.
• Proficient in Microsoft Word and Office products.

Education and Experience:
• Master’s in social work or counseling
• 2 years of experience in trauma support, case management, nonprofit experience
• Knowledge of, and commitment to, refugee services and workforce development.
• Strong presentation and interpersonal communication skills.
• Microsoft, Excel, and PowerPoint skills
• Must possess a valid driver’s license, have a good driving record, and have at least three years of driving experience in the United States. Willing to drive clients.
Physical Demands:
Sitting for periods of time and some light lifting up to 25 lbs.

BENEFITS: Vacation, Sick, Paid FML*, 16 paid holidays in 2024, Medical, Dental, Vision, Pension, Employee Assistance Program, Diocesan Tuition Reimbursement* K-12 . Closed between Christmas and New Years. *

Job Title
Sr. Case Manager Refugee Mental Health Education/Outreach
Catholic Charities Diocese of Arlington
Posted On
February 6, 2024