Get Help from Catholic Charities

The Catholic Charities network provides service to people in need – no matter their religion or nationality –advocates for justice in society and calls the entire church and other people of goodwill to do the same. If you need help finding housing, paying your rent, recovering from a natural disaster or other event, or keeping food on the table for your family, one of our 167 local agencies may be able to help.

Explore Catholic Charities programs and services below and use our agency locator to learn about the specific services each agency offers.

Affordable Housing – Catholic Charities agencies often provide a variety of housing services, including both short-term shelters and permanent housing for seniors, low-income families and individuals, developmentally disabled adults and people experiencing homelessness. We believe access to affordable housing is a fundamental human right.

Food & Nutrition – Need help paying for groceries or registering for SNAP benefits? Catholic Charities food banks, pantries and community farms have helped millions of people access nutritious food. Your local Catholic Charities member agency may be able to assist you, too.

Integrated Health – Good health is a combination of physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Whether you need addiction services, counseling or case management, a healthier, happier life is possible, and Catholic Charities may be able to provide support to you on your journey.

Disaster Relief – It’s hard to plan for a disaster, and even harder to recover from one. Catholic Charities is here to provide on-the-ground assistance when disaster strikes – be it flood, fire or tornado – and in the days to follow. We can help.

Social Enterprise – From basic computer classes to financial education to small business training, there are many ways to achieve self-sufficiency and stability in income and housing. Catholic Charities believes that every person possesses potential.

Immigration & Refugee – A number of Catholic Charities agencies provide humanitarian assistance to migrants, refugees and asylum-seekers. They may also offer citizenship education and legal services.

Foundational Services – Catholic Charities values the full spectrum of life and needs within the communities we serve, whether adoption, pregnancy services or foster care; care for seniors, or ministry for those involved in the criminal justice system.