Walking in love, not running in fear

    December 27, 2023
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    The first day of the week is always a busy day. But Mary Magdalene found the time to go and seek Jesus. After the traumatic experience of seeing Jesus crucified, Mary did what she needed to do to go through the mourning process.

    I wonder if she was feeling a bit hopeless and lost. I wonder if, having lost someone to whom she was so close, grief was weighing heavily on her heart. I wonder if the sudden surprise of not seeing Jesus’ body in the tomb caused her great fear and anxiety and that’s why she ran to tell the disciples. That same fear spread to the disciples, and they ran to the tomb as well.

    Today’s Gospel reading reminds us that fear can overcome us very quickly. We can see that when we’re fearful of starting a debate with family and friends, and we avoid talking about or sharing our faith. However, the disciples did not remain fearful, as they remembered everything that Jesus had told them and, through the power of his Holy Spirit, they spread the Word of God to others, doing so with love and mercy.

    Our work at Catholic Charities can be fearful at times. We encounter challenges every day, especially when we walk in solidarity with those who are struggling the most. But we hold strong in knowing that Jesus has risen. On this feast of Saint John, may our faith take us to new heights and challenge us to no longer run in fear. Instead, let us walk in love and solidarity with others, because that’s when we encounter our risen Lord.

    Cynthia Quintanilla, Executive Director of Catholic Charities Diocese of Lubbock, Texas, is currently a student at the Catholic Theological Union and is finishing her MAPS degree in 2024. She enjoys reading, writing and cooking in her spare time.

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