Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County Covid-19 Education and Awareness Contest

COVID-19 continues to take innocent lives and to affect the most vulnerable people in our community. In Santa Clara County alone, we have had over 20,000 cases of COVID-19 and more than 300 deaths due to COVID-19 reported. This statistic will continue to grow, unless we come together to educate and protect our community.

Catholic Charities is pleased to announce the launch of an education and awareness contest to help save lives in our community.

We are asking the public to join us in developing empowering, informative social media messages that reflect the diverse culture and languages in our community. We are soliciting engaging social media content in the form of videos, photographs and/or graphics that share compelling information about COVID-19 prevention and testing.

We encourage entries that can address our diverse communities including youth, seniors, Latino, Vietnamese and other communities. Entries can be in any language and should demonstrate a deep understanding of your target audience. Be creative. Humor and out-of-the-box thinking are welcome.

Click here for contest guidelines and entry form.