Advancing Our Church Podcast: Catholic Charities response to COVID-19

The Catholic Charities’ response to COVID-19 lands them on the frontlines standing shoulder to shoulder with volunteers and those who are most in need. Join Changing Our World‘s Jim Friend for an interview with Sr. Donna Markham OP, Ph.D., President, and CEO of Catholic Charities USA, Deacon Tom Roberts, President, and CEO of Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada and Michael Grace, President, and CEO of Catholic Charities of Forth Worth, Texas.

In the spirit of Holy Week, this episode focuses on charity and the impact of the COVID-19 Crisis on the most vulnerable in our society. These are unsung heroes who selflessly devote their time to feeding families, providing affordable housing, working with immigrant families and much more. Learn how many senior citizens, those who are unemployed, and many others are finding themselves needing the charitable assistance of Catholic Charities for the first time. Sr. Donna discusses some of the creative ways that she is witnessing a missionary spirit among her agencies and the response of the corporate industry. We also hear how two prominent businessmen left the corporate world and took a role to lead their local Catholic Charities agency. Finally, learn more about how you can get involved and help.

Listen to the podcast here.

[The podcast appears on the Changing Our World website and is used here with permission of Jim Friend.]