Catholic Bishops Statement on Ministry to Migrants and Refugees

The following is a statement from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops regarding immigration that includes support for Catholic Charities agencies and their work with migrants and refugees. Catholic Charities USA is proud of the work our member agencies across the country do in caring for newcomers.

The issues of refugees, migration, and forced displacement of people are not new ones, and there are many countries facing these challenges. Across the globe, families have been forced to flee their homes in search of safety and security. War, violence, racial strife, corruption and political instability, natural disasters, and poverty: these all still remain major factors in the lives of so many, which is why the numbers of people on the move, refugees, and people being displaced are at historically high levels.

As Christians, the words of Jesus must always shape how we think and how we act. The Apostle Paul emphasizes this when writing to the Philippians: Have among yourselves the same attitude that is also yours in Christ Jesus (2:5).

Some may question why and how the Church supports refugees and migrants, regardless of race, creed, or color, but the simple truth is that Christ identifies with those in need: For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, a stranger and you welcomed me (Mt 25:35).

This means that when people are hungry and knock at our door, we feed them. When they come to our door cold, we clothe them. And when someone who is a stranger comes, we welcome him or her. The Church does this everywhere she exists. We do this because this is what Christ calls us to do. In the United States, much of the Church’s care for and ministry to refugees and migrants can be seen in the longstanding dedication and hard work of our Catholic Charities agencies.

The Conference has spoken time and again about the call to welcome and protect the newcomer. What is clearly true, and what the Church and many others have called for, is the urgent need for a comprehensive reform of our country’s immigration system. The U.S. immigration system is overly complex and unjust, often keeping family members apart; it must be fixed. The Church does teach that a country has the right to regulate its borders. At the same time, people have the fundamental right to migrate in order to preserve their lives and families.

What must always be in the forefront of our thoughts and actions is the fact that each and every person, including the newcomer, is a brother or sister to us all and a blessing to welcoming communities when given the opportunity to integrate. We must acknowledge not only the inherent dignity of immigrants but also embrace their contributions and potential.

Sisters and brothers in Christ, let us embrace the ministry given to us by Jesus and reject the contemporary

Immigrant & Refugee Services

Catholic Charities provides essential services to immigrants and newcomers to this country. CCUSA advocates for immigration and refugee policies that protect family unity and allow newcomers an opportunity to contribute and participate more fully in our communities.

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