Fall 2019 President’s Message

Catholic Charities is the organized humanitarian ministry of the church in the United States and, as such, is deeply embedded in the life of the local church across the country. Key to the impact of our commitment to help those who are in need is vibrant collaboration between parishes and Catholic Charities agencies. The Catholic Charities Parish Social Ministry Leadership Team at the national office comprises members from local parishes and Catholic Charities agencies. Together they encourage and assist parishes in establishing local social ministry teams grounded in Catholic Social teaching and in best practices in the delivery of services to families and individuals that may be in need. In the pages that follow, you will hear some compelling stories of how together we reach out to our neighbors in need.

We certainly realize this work is far more than simply providing a bag of groceries or a utility payment. Catholic Charities, in collaboration with many parish volunteers, extends the palpable love and compassion of God to those who may have been hard hit by life’s challenges. We believe this is truly a sacred ministry.

Immediate needs are complemented with the offer of program support, counseling, jobs training and professional services of all kinds. The stronger the collaboration between parishes and Catholic Charities, the better able we are, as church, to build durable communities of compassion and human dignity.

As the first disciples were faced with the dilemma of feeding thousands of people with few resources, we continue this great and bold mission of extending generosity and kindness to those who so long to be nurtured by the goodness of their neighbor, no matter the challenges.

Sister Donna Markham OP, PhD

President & CEO