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Help us find the 50 Nicest Places in America, one from every state!

Together, Catholic Charities USA and Reader's Digest are looking for the 50 Nicest Places in America —if that sounds like a place you know, we want to hear about it! Maybe you witnessed a good deed, volunteer at an outreach program, or are inspired by efforts to help those in need. Tell us about it now for a chance to be featured on the cover of Reader's Digest and spread the word of kindness far and wide!
“There is hope in the world and it exists all around us—in some of the smallest and biggest places you could imagine. If my faith had been wavering, and thankfully it had not, it would have been restored with this search.”
– Robin Roberts, Co–anchor on ABC's Good Morning America,
2018 Nicest Place in America judge

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This year we're searching for the Nicest Place in every state. If you live in a place where people are demonstrating compassion in ways worth recognizing, TELL US ABOUT IT!

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Visit our site and get inspired by other communities across the country that have been nominated for their good deeds and acts of kindness. The top 10 will be featured in Reader's Digest magazine!

Contest Ends 5/31/19

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