Editor’s Column Vol 48 No 2

Parents want their children to live good and healthy lives, and they want them to be happy and successful in adulthood. In support of these ends, the parents provide loving care, a home, nutrition, and education, among other things.

Institutions, like families, need to consider the future viability of their programs and services, which means training the younger generation to assume responsibility one day.

Catholic Charities is no different. The service of charity will continue if we have succeeding generations of people who know and practice their faith, which Jesus summarizes with two commandments: Love of God and love of neighbor.

The articles in this issue of Charities USA focus on how Catholic Charities agencies engage with Catholic schools on understanding and practicing the love of Jesus. Some of the engagement includes direct services, such as mental health counseling for students and their families. Another part consists of instruction in Catholic Social Teaching and participation in service projects that care for those who are poor and needy.

With this formation, children can move into adulthood already practiced in the love of God and neighbor. It’s hard to think of a more crucial element to a healthy society than being grounded in God’s love and working to help others realize that same love in their lives.

Let’s pray for the success of these programs and their replication across the country.

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