Editor’s Column Vol 48 No 1

Pope Francis wrote that “Hunger is criminal; food is an inalienable right” (Fratelli tutti, No. 189).

The comment needs little defense; a person or a group of people not having enough to eat strikes most people as inherently unjust. The sentiment even surfaces in our daily lives, as when a parent chides a child for not eating vegetables: “There are starving children in Africa who would love to eat those.”

Hunger, however, affects more than what has been called the third world. The United States has a hunger problem too, and it has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic and its consequences. As the virus continues to spread, more people – especially on the lower end of the pay scale – are losing jobs and finding it difficult to afford enough food for themselves and their families.

This issue of Charities USA reports on some of the ways Catholic Charities USA and the Catholic Charities ministry in the United States are responding to this crisis of food security.

On the homepage of the magazine, you will find both multimedia and text articles that show how Catholic Charities is increasing food security in small and big ways. A collaboration among New England Catholic Charities agencies, a seed company’s donation of seeds to refugees, and a new food pantry dedicated to serving people in need: all the efforts share a commitment to upholding and protecting the inherent dignity of every human being, who has a right to enough food for a healthy and happy life.

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