Agency Spotlight Vol 48 No 2

Catholic Charities Community Services, Phoenix, Arizona

Catholic Charities Community Services in Phoenix, Arizona, believes in miracles; they see them all the time. The miracle of people reaching out to other people in order to help them with a variety of services: foster care, adoption and pregnancy counseling, early education, veterans, refugees and those experiencing homelessness.

They even have a program called Miracle Projects that introduces young, elementary-aged students to Catholic Social Teaching and the work of Catholic Charities. In addition to learning about the faith, the students also participate in service projects that help those who are vulnerable and needy.

Listen to the video to hear about the Miracle Projects program and a service project by Grace Ledoux, a student at Saint John XXIII Catholic School. With her on the video are Patti Jasinski, director of Campus Ministry Projects for St. John XXIII, and Dulce Valdez, parish and community engagement supervisor for Catholic Charities Community Services.

Grace Ledoux, a student at Saint John XXIII Catholic School