A message from CCUSA’s President

This past weekend, a person from my apartment building stopped me in the hallway and said, “You’re from Catholic Charities, aren’t you!” She then went on to say how impressed she has been by all the work Catholic Charities has been doing throughout the pandemic.  I then learned she is leaving for the border to assist migrants in Donna, Texas.  

Truly, there is goodness all around us.  As the numbers of migrants surged at the border and our Catholic Charities agencies’ staff were stretched to the limit, Catholic sisters rose to help us.  Well over 250 women religious who had been fully vaccinated volunteered to be deployed to the border to do every manner of tasks.  There is no job too small or too large for them to undertake.  Although most of the sister volunteers are retirement aged, their energy and spunk belie that reality.  The compassionate face of God radiates through them as they sort clothes, play with children, comfort the fearful, make travel arrangements, and extend a smile to weary travelers.  

The Leadership Conference of Women Religious collaborated with Catholic Charities USA to respond to this ongoing humanitarian crisis. Additionally, numbers of Catholic Charities case managers from throughout the US are traveling to the border to assist.  Goodness is all around us.  

Join us in giving thanks for the generous people who continue to respond so wholeheartedly to this human need. 

Sister Donna Markham OP, PhD
President & CEO