CCUSA 2020 Volunteer of the Year Finalist, Steve Hanlon

For the past 12 years, Steve Hanlon has coordinated a car care ministry for Catholic Charities of Eastern Oklahoma’s (CCEOK) Transitional Living Program residents, who are working mothers with children and women with newborn children. The women know that they can rely on Hanlon to keep their cars running. “Having reliable transportation is such a huge part of being able to regain my stability and move forward with my life,” one resident said about the importance of Hanlon’s ministry. While the ministry officially happens just once a month, Hanlon spends countless hours finding supplies, recruiting volunteers, maintaining records and ensuring funding. He can often be found working on a resident’s car in the parking lot of CCEOK whenever issues pop up between monthly car clinic dates. Hanlon works directly with residents to coordinate repairs and to get them back on the road to jobs, classes, group sessions and other important off-campus activities.